Risk Management
Commodities, FX & Interest Rates
T: +44 (0) 203 743 7200

Advisory Process

Our advisory process is comprised of two parts. In phase one we work closely with our clients to understand the real exposures of the business to Commodities, Foreign Exchange and Interest Rates. At the end of phase one we will be able to quantify the risk and deliver to the clients a detailed analysis of the possible outcomes of Cash flow and EBITDA under different market scenarios.

Risk Management

In phase two we will work with the client to create appropriate processes inside the company so that the hedging strategies can be implemented. We will help create a risk management policy document, where the main processes will be outlined. We will help create the risk committee that will be responsible for implementing the risk policy. We will produce risk reports and hedging recommendations for the risk committee to decide on.

We will help create the appropriate knowledge systems inside the company so that there is an appropriate level of control, and an appropriate level of monitoring in terms of achieving the goals of the risk management policy, and measuring the effectiveness of the hedging policy.

Risk Management

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