Risk Management
Commodities, FX & Interest Rates
T: +44 (0) 203 743 7200

By implementing our Risk Management strategies we enable our client to reduce the volatility of their EBITDA or cash flows in order to maximise their investment opportunities in the long term.

In CFX Risk Management we create value for our clients by analysing and quantifying their Market Risk Exposures, and creating appropriate hedging policies and programmes. We specialise in Commodity, Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate markets. The objective of our work is to help our clients identify the risks they want to own and the risks that they do not want to own and to what degree. We will work closely with our clients to formulate appropriate hedging strategies for risks that the company wants to lay off. The aim of the hedging strategies is to reduce the volatility of cash flows or EBITDA, whilst retaining the optionality of the business model, and in the long term help the management team create a more stable base of returns.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Commodity Price Risk Management
  • Functional Currency
  • Group Level Foreign Exchange Risk Management
  • Interest Rate Hedging and Development of Debt Policy
  • Asset-Liability Management

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